Dear Web Developer Guys, do you believe that, web design and development company place w3c validation icon on their website, but while we check upon their pages in w3c , we could find so many errors on their home page.

How do u think about this matter ?

Are they careless on their website ?

As a web service provider , they must need to validate first and place validate icon on their web site. Actually, why they do not care on the icon of W3C Validate ?

Time & Money :
In my personal experience, might be they do not have enough time to care about it. Might be all designer do not have time to care on their web site matter and it does not create billable hour any more. So, boss do not want to involve to their staff on validation issue.

Programmers :
For another reason is programmers’s codding pattern, programmers just dam care about validation while they post develop and post article. For example : alt tag is missing, invalid br tag , missing div tag any more.

Content Management’s Editor :
Might be content management text editor do not have facility to have valid mark up language. So, while site administrator post their article and pages. It give several html validation error .

Conclusion :
Web Site is informative and standard formate to show electornice data through web site. So, as a web design company they need to care on w3c html and css validator.