Is you site tableless design ?

Do you know tableless design means ?

Why should you need table less design ?

Is it enough if you have table less design on your site ?

Let’s discuss with this topic later

Tableless is one of the better method to present your web document to your client or public. Tableless design web site means, web site having with out table element . Most of the web developers thinks that tableless design means having web site with out table element . Actually, the meaning of table-less design does not mean , having html code without table elements and it’s sub elements.

In Early, the structure of web site presentation are designed through table based. With the absence of css file format , web developer used to design their web site in table. While css1.0 burned, web developers are more focus on css file format , for presentation of their website. From css 2.0 , it came with several tools so that designer feel more flexible to present their web document. From this era table less design concept boosted because of flexible div element.

Div element is very flexible and light and less time to load with comparison with table element. Let’s take some example. Lets we have on text to display.

Table Method :


Div Method :


Through above you can identify how light code is div. Through table method we need to load so many code but through div , it is very light code.

> Benefit of table less web site

– Easy to debug design
– Less time to load web site
– Flexible to change and update design in future.

Due to these three major benefit , div based (table less) designs become more popular.

Only tableless design does not means , it is nice method.

With my future working experience , I got some website which are table less but unecessary div and span tag, even they show data in div structure.

Tableless less designs does not means, there should not be table element.

For displaying tabular data, you must use table element . We should have our html code in symantic rather than table less. Here symantic words means “meaningful ” . Here table is especially for display tabular data. For example display progress data from last jan to dec.

Example :


Monthly Production Quantity
Month Production (in thousand)
Jan 230
Feb 450

Above html code is semantic code to display data. Here

consists header of table and

consists main body or content/data of table.

is use to give title of tabular data .

Through div structure also, we can have such design but it will not met semantic. For more information read more for semantic .

So, do not keep

element away for displaying data + tableless designs does not consits web site without table element .

Assume tableless means the site structure without table element.

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