Do, you hate IE Browser ? If, then this blog would be helpful. I do not like browser IE because of careless browser. Microsoft always release his buggy browser in each year. Due the default browser in Windows Os, it takes market wildly . Microsoft update their product in each hour ,if you are online but never update their browser. Still most of the user use Windows and use IE Browser, so designer and developer have to care for IE browser on designing.

Why they release buggy browser in each year ? I just do not like IE Browser because of monopolize policy and careless release version. I am so happy that Microsoft has stop to release Vista (IE 8) Browser . There was 100s of bug in the release of Beta version of IE8.

Sorry, Let’s close this topic and go a head, how can u restrict IE browser to your web site visitor . This code is not made by myself. My friend “Arjun (Dot Net Programmer) + JavaScript expert has coded this JavaScript. First of all thanks for Arjun, they he have help me to make javascript code.

Please see total code below


if(navigator.appName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")



   function chekDisplay(){


   if (div){'none';	clearTimeout();


  document.write('<div class="recommend">Please do
 not use Internet Explore Browser. You are recommended to use
 <a href=""
alt="Install Fire Fox Browser">Fire Fox Browser</a>
with at least 1024x768 resolution. </div>')

1.) Checking Browser

if(navigator.appName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")

– This code check if the browser is Internet Explorer . If browser is IE then it goes below code

2) Checking element


It checks element if it has been loaded . It search with the speed of 100 milisecond

3) Block Designing'none';	clearTimeout();

Note :

Here I have use “site” id of div. This contain entire site. So, please replace as your require