here, three component client, management and css developer. Management force css developer to complete html slicing task in 4-8 hours or as soon as soon as possible with browser compatibility. Due to the pressur ef time and management css developer need to any how complete task in given time frame and sell to client . Clients also feel happy as management provide in time.

But real life , that html slicing product does not meet quality. Although they validate w3c and browser compatility. Only browser compatility and w3c validate does not makes sense that the product meets 100% quality.

Here, what I want to tell that we need to care about how flexiblity for Web Accessible and need to be perfect if on programming basis. Most of the htmlslicing product does not compatible if we use in programming . Such as div does not get flexible if text goes longer in div box and flicking design if programmer dynamically change content. Naming of css id and class and it management is also another point to meet quality.
= >At last it does not every company.
What is the use of html slicing if it does not meet real quality. Now say time or quality ?