Kneipp Gift Shop

Kneipp The gift shop is a publication of Kneipp Nederland BV . This site is related with shopping cart system of ladies products.

Here one of my important experience is making transparent background through flash object. I have overlap images in flash object. This template was sliced on nearly September 2006. This is my first experience on jsp framword to have design and xhtml/css coding . I have used small trick of javascript which remove border while we hover on flash object.

Viral Tracker

ViralTracker is a smart, powerful technology that is easy to use. It measures the reach and response of your viral internet commercials, movie trailers, game trailers, viral videos and widgets.

ViralTracker measures millions of weblogs, forums, websites, communities, social networks and over 350 large video portals in more than 50 countries. ViralTracker measures in real-time and worldwide. ViralTracker improves the reach and response of viral campaigns with over 300%.

This site is totally written in div structure rathen than table based layout. This Viral Tracker is one of my big projct of PHP coded in div structure.

HTML Slicing

This HTML SLICING, commercial portal site . Here client upload their indesin or psd file and get ready for html slicing in specific time duration. This site is totally sliced in W3C standared on XHTM 1.0 Translation. This is totally in div structure.

Here menu system is used in flash object. I am little bit disappointed with this flash object because screen reader could not read this flash object. I would like to set addition text matter for menu system so that it could get user agent friendly.

Cool Brands

coolbrandsAs name “Cool”, site’s design is also cool . It’s black and white professional colored web site, made in Joomla Framework . Here extra blog component is used for customizing content from administrator session and necessary plugins are shown in frontend. Such as comment, bookmark etc. It is cross browser compatibility in FireFox 3, IE6 and IE7.

Visiting Nepal

visitingnepalThis design was implemented in joomla 1.5 (latest version of Joomla Framework.) Here I have don slick rss for module . This is simple and clean tempalte with integration of Joomla Framework. Right I am handling this site and update to joomla 1.5.9 on jan 22nd 2008. I love this light blue color.

Zo Dochter

One of the online community for mothers and daughters! of belgium.

You will find great news, tips, photos, tests and much more. Fun to work with you mother or daughter to share! Look around and good sign up to become a member!

New Take a look at Sun Video and watch the best and most talked-about videos from the past week!
Watch as your personal daghoroscoop and discover what awaits you today!


TradeSelect is the application software and web site. TradeSelect is related with business , so I have made webtemplate in blue color themes . Through the home page client could know the major vision about the feature and product of tradeselect . In tradeselect software, I have made glossy shiny effect to attaract themes. Comment wise html and css was one of the another feature of this web site. So, that debug of css and html could handle easily.

OpenVz project

OpenVZ is virutal server system.Currently, I have made two types of thems, one is simple and another is graphical themes. With the co-ordination with programmer, we have made flexible template framework so that designer can give design as per require. All the html and css code are validated in W3C plus Web Content Accessible code. Additionally, we have used Jquery Javascript framework on OpenVZ project. All the designs are in pure table less.