Category: Standard CSS & XHTML

Header level concern with the stair of header element and importance level on DOM (Document Object Module). As we all know that, xhtml is the presentation of web document. Now, web site are becoming more accessible , So, that website are defined as data rather than information. Data should be transportable, accessible for multi device and technology plus philosophy for future technology . So, that website’s DOM should structure in such a way that it could carry more subjective and informative instead for visual appearance.

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Website can be divided in three layer.

Structure Layer:

Structure Layer consists with css code. CSS stands for making structure and decoration of web site .

Content Layer

Content Layer consist with content matter only. It should not make structure and decoration any more.


Behaviour is the action through event handler . For example : onclick, double click, etc. Behavious should not act as structure layer and content layer. It should be use only for interactive. For example : Javascript should not display/hide content matter and should not specify decoration for html element.
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