There are some change and update in XHTML 2 with the comparison with XHTML 1

The major changes with XHTML 1 are given below.

Section and header :

The section element, in conjunction with the h element, offers a mechanism for structuring documents into sections. This element defines content to be block-level but imposes no other presentational idioms on the content, which may otherwise be controlled from a style sheet. In xhtml 1, the section and heading content are control by (h1-h7) element , in XHTML2 section and heading are control by section and h element. You need to secify header element level, . Ex: you need to set level by h1,h3,h5 and so on. To control the semantic on header element XHTML 2 could control. Still, user roughly specify header element on their web document in XHTML 1.
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