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Combo Box Component in AS3

Please drag comboBox from componet and set parameter true for editable parameter.

import fl.data.DataProvider;
import fl.events.ComponentEvent;
var count:Number=0;
var myArray:Array=[
{label:”Nepal”, data:”nepal”},
{label:”Dhoti”, data:”dhoti”},
{label:”USA”, data:”usa”}

cm.dataProvider=new DataProvider(myArray);
For dynamic addValue into combo list we have this simple addItemAt function
cm.addItemAt({label:”xx”, data:”xx”}, comboBoxIndex);

Ex :
cm.addItemAt({label:”Nepal”, data:”nepal”},0);


Handin Banner in right side in centering site

Download : http://www.visitingnepal.com/csshack/zip/hangingBannerInCenterSite.zip