It is little bit difficult to say about css developer topic because we have no such social organization that collect data of css developer . Most of the css developer learn css from online website, through teacher, friends, relative and through various available books.

In this age css and xhtml developer are mostly demandable in nepal. Right now global economic crises is going on . So, most of the IT Companies are more incorage to attract on low cost service for css developing. In the global market, IT Company need to give client sataisfaction with low cost. Mostly China, India, Viatnam, bangaladesh, Nepal are target for css developer. To minimize the cost for css developer IT Company need to outsource css developing or html slicing in asian country. In nepal, there are not more than 100 css developer . Comparetively css developer are less than programmers. This is due to the interest/importance/salary. Still css developer’s salary is less than programmers. Most of the people thinks css developer’s work is easy and can do his/her work with in 3 days.
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